At Steward Financial Services, we offer flexible automobile financing solutions to select Automobile Dealers and their Customers. Our business is structured to cater to the needs of both Automobile Dealers and our Customers that finance their vehicle purchase through us. We work closely with our dealer network to ensure we offer the best service possible.

We ensure each application is looked at individually and each application stands on its own. Unlike the big banks, we don't have minimum credit score guidelines and we have real people making credit decisions; not some fancy software program. Our flexibility allows us to offer competitive financing to those customers who may not normally be able to obtain automobile financing through the traditional sources. We are here to help you finance those automobile purchases that make sense.

Finally, by reporting our credit, we want to help those customers who may have gotten caught in the recent economic turmoil. Ultimately we want to turn those customers who may be "credit challenged" into customers that are "credit worthy".